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Điều khiển nhiệt độ


MA20 Series




  • Big display(Character height PV 11.6mm,SV 8.4mm)
  • Vertical/horizontal close mounting(Applicable to IP66)
  • Quick (one-touch)mounting method
  • Option(analoge output,external control input,alarm output)
  • Dust-proof and drip-proof structure.(Equivalent to IP66)



MAC6 Series


  • Universal Input(Thermo couple ,RTD,DC Voltage, DC Current
  • High Accuracy:(+-0.1%FS+1 digit)
  • Sampling Period:50msec,166.7msec,250msec, 500msec can be changed.
  • Program MAX96steps 8pattaerns (MAP6)
  • PV-SV multi points compensation (MAX11points)



MAC5 Series



  • Space-saving Design:Panel depth is 62~65 mm
  • Accuracy:+-(0.3%FS+1 digit)
  • Sampling Period:0.25s
  • Event Out put 2points installed
  • Additional Functions:Event output,Control output 2



MAC3 Series



  • Space-saving Design:Panel depth is 62~65 mm
  • Accuracy:+-(0.25%FS+1 digit)
  • Sampling Period:0.25s
  • Additional Functions:Event output,Control output 2,DI CT input,Analog output,Communication,Program function





Thyristor single phase power regulator



  • Control Method :Phase Control Zero-Cross Switching Cycle Operation Control
  • Multi-Input CurrentVoltage Contact Voltage Pulse(SSR Drive Voltage)
  • You can choose either a phase control or zero-ross switching cycle operation control in both cases of contact propotion input and voltage pulse(SSR Drive Voltage)input
  • Input/output values and many kinds of parameters are displayed
  • Output soft-start/slow-up/slow-down function is equipped as a standard function.(0.00~25.0s)
  • Free Voltage(100~240V AC)
  • Automatic Distinction of Power Supply Frequency Rnage :45~65Hz 

New MAC10 Series



Space-saving design: MAC10A to D: Panel depth is 62~65mm 

                                            MAC10E: 22.5mm Width 

Accuracy: ± (0.3%FS+1 digit)

Sampling period: 0.25s

Additional functions: Event output, communication, analog output



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